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Yulie Padilla

I'm a Puerto Rican professional Pole Dancer and Certified Instructor in diverse movement practices with a PhD in Clinical Psychology. I'm also a professional model, performer and actress, with film productions such as "La Granja (2015), Sol de Media Noche (2017) and Rémora (2021)". 

I co-own Siluetas Pole, Body & Mind, a private home studio led by women to offer wellness oriented movement practices for all. In my movement classes and workshops, I combine physical exercises/dance based movement with therapeutic healing approaches in order to promote embodied and integrated ways of knowing oneself and rewriting our own stories.

Whenever not teaching, performing or on screen, I work on a community outreach arts based program with the Museum for Contemporary Art. 


When night falls I take new form and go by the name of Yulietta, a stage persona much like an alter ego that morphs into otherworldly characters to perform on local venues through pole dance, contortion and chair dance acts, among others.



I've developed a Neo-Burlesque style of performing where I get to showcase my passion for themes such as identity, female sexuality and representation. I perform at local sub-culture venues and I'm also available to perform locally and internationally for private events, festivals and other cultural activities.


"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent Van Gogh


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